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Made a new website.


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Here is one

IPsharing is incorrect as ive never played the game then how can I have two others on the same IP.

Oh and you may wanna change this

By playing Lethal-Assassins you must agree to the Terms Of Service

This bit made me laugh

Dear The Total Sent Messages is currently: 17

When the Message count Reaches 500 All The Game Messages Will Delete This will help the game run at speed

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maybe spell stuff differently


Do me a faviour, Kill Tyler for me, he is chatting **** about me

If you kill him you will be paid nicely ;)


chatting chit? shouldn't it be talking?

and faviour?

should it not be favor?

and maybe add a direct link to Tyler, because what if the new player does not understand?

ok here's another lol...

your forum is a chat?

should you not remove the forum link and call it chat? forums are not chat boxes :/

My bad its a forum just does not look like one, looks more like a chat box. Can be confusing for new players.

the bank submit buttons you should change them to withdraw/deposit because "Do It" on all of them does not look right, and also maybe lighten your text on the bank.

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