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Lessons for Mccodes


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I want to know everything about mccodes and how to make a really good game.

I am asking about someone who can teach me via teamviewer.

But i want to know everything and how to make my own mods.

I will pay for that.

I am waiting for offers.

Thanks in advance!

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Your best bet would be to read throgh the scripts once yo have looked over them it realy isnt that hard to understand (if you know PHP, if you dont you will find it hard (with or without any help))

PS any need for the other topic?

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I would suggest not using mccodes. Even the paid engines are currently flagging a lot of errors for the moment. What I suggest is looking into php, and picking up a free engine. Ezrpg is the best basic engine, and gangster legends is being redone by Dayo if you want something a little more.

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