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Just to state i have no intention of selling i just want to see what people think my site is worth.

Now with that out the way how mch do you think my site themercenary.net is worth?


Unique game-play/style

Custom design

Much more advanced version of the GL scripts


Lots of features (unique mods that i have never seen on any GL game)

You can add to the current game features with no effort ie new missions, locations, (location specific pages) etc ...

Forum (main structure made, needs a little work)

Ability to have several servers ie a beta server, english server, american server etc...

Lots of weapon images (like 100 diffrent items)

Cronless - you dont need to spend loads of money on cpanel hosting (i have it currenty on a £10 a year host)


Needs a few features

Some of the GUI needs updating (currently doing that now)

Limites space to work with

There is no advertisment

User base is very small (like 100 atm with only a few active)

ill add more to the lists as i think of them

all i want is honest valuations.

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