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Ok.. Although I am not particulary fond of sharing new ideas, but sometimes it is good :) So if you like them (actually even if you dont) let me know what you think.

So basically every weapon in my game, will be coded so when using in battle it will suffer wear and tear.

So overtime, the damage it will be able to cause will reduce. And in market you will see the percentage of it's total capability. However through certain ways, certain people will gain capabilities to restore the weapons o it's original state, or even improve them over the default state.

So in market you will see like:

Name: Knife



Name: Knife



What do you think? Does this add more life like sense to market? (You assess the state of the item, then the price, potential time and cost of restoring it to good state, and wether or not you can make profit on it)

Or does it just make thing to complicated for players?

2 scenarios:

if you are just looking for weps for solely fighting you will just look for something 100% capable. And you will know the going price of that.

However if you are trader type. Then you can dig deeper.. You will know what it takes to restore lets say 70% capable we to 100% and resell to fighter from 1st scenario at market price.

Well I do not know it this makes sense for yous.. But if it does do yous find it to complicated for player?

My point of view is that if you just want a brand new wep for fighting, you will know the going rate for 100%percent capable weapon, and it will not be to complicated. But if you want to dig deeper you can lol

And it just adds this whole new dimension of activity for people that wants it (buying bad quality weapons and restoring them to sell on for profit).

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Hmm, the main concept, if I read it right, is for weapons to wear and tear right? Thats been done before, but some aspects of this could be intresting, like the improving over the default state. Would it be limited? Wouldnt want a weapon at 2299292% would we?

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I was thinking mabye each item can only be restored to 100%, but there are "special" items that start off at 110%, you could also add this into the staff panel (so they can choose 'gold' or ''silver' item)

What do you think? :)

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Well the only game I have ever played is Torn.. And they dont have that.. I had registered to few other games, but only ever logged in once to most of them lol

I have tried rogue vampires.. But this feature never caught my eye :) How do they do it? Do they show that actual capability of gun in relation to default? can you see it in lets say market?

Because mine will be visible in market :)

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Regardless of if it has been done before, it would add a good dimension to your game if you added it. The trick would be to make it more than just a "pay XXX to fix your weapon capability". If you were to design a more in-depth system, it would add to the uniqueness of your game.

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in rogue vampires it list in the market the condition of the weapon,and how many times its been repaired, if its down 50% from 100%, your fighting stats are lowered by a percentage once you equip, also if the weapon has been repaired numerous times,lowers the stats/capability of the weapon. on some of their weapons it actually breaks and leaves your inventory and equip slot, such as the pick axe on there it can be used 4 times, if you dont repair it, before it breaks.

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