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Need a coder " PAY IS GOOD!!!"


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So I want to finish my website I code but not the best. I work to much to finish my site so I am paying a few hundred dollars to get some mods made and add a lot of security my web site. I have a list of mod that need to be made up and some pages of my site that need to be re-coded. Also have a layout made up and looking for someone to slice it and put it into my web site. Its in a photo shop file now.

If you are looking to make so good money and have free time then give me a few examples of your work and some people that can say good things about you. Then I will give you a small test before we can make a deal and do some work. This is not a scam!!! I am looking to find someone soon and start working on it next month. The web site is up and running just want to finish it and launch it.

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I am very interested in this job, even if you do not choose me to make the mods and stuff, I can still slice the images and code up the template, I've done this for a couple people and can get there review for you.


As for examples I have a few to show, and again a few reviews.

Here is my MSN if you want to talk further:

[email protected]



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I can also slice up your template and code it into properly xhtml/css files that will be cross browser compatible with the four major browsers. You can add me me on msn at [email protected]

You can see my portfolio on my website, http://www.w3theory.com, and I haven't gotten any complaints about the templates so far.

EDIT: Plus my turn around time, will be in one day. To be more accurate, around 4 hours depending on the difficulty.

Thank you for your time,

Peter Leaman

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I have a lot of spare time and I am pretty decent around the mccodes system.

I can create features from scratch if you need.

My skills are limiited to HTML,PHP,MYSQL and CSS. I do not have any experience with javascript or ajax. I also cannot create graphics. I can put a template together using CSS and images provided though.

I own Thugbattle.com..I started the game from a copy of mccode v2 and have built it into a decent game. I do all my own work on my game. (By all the work i mean installing mods and updating features)

My msn is : [email protected]

Feel free to add me if you want to chat. Just looking for a little freelance work :P



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