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Well it's just one of those weeks I guess.

So this guy has been posting on everybody's thread regarding he would do work for them for free. This to me in the first place seemed very fishy.

I later get contacted by DreamCoder, telling me that this guy is saying he works for me on Federation. I can clearly say that he does not code for me on Federation and has never.

Here is the log of DreamCoder and Fialbro:


This is a fair warning to everyone, that he is most likely trying to get into your cpanel and steal your files (my only guess)

Peter - W3 Theory

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Here is a little more stuff


23/05/2011 23:12:54 Travis PHP [email protected] Sorry i cannot trust you

23/05/2011 23:13:05 [email protected] Travis PHP Ohh ok

23/05/2011 23:13:41 [email protected] Travis PHP Ill continue my game with Dayo

23/05/2011 23:13:58 Travis PHP [email protected] What game is that?

23/05/2011 23:14:09 [email protected] Travis PHP Experienced coders

23/05/2011 23:14:19 [email protected] Travis PHP http://www.federation54.com/

23/05/2011 23:14:23 Travis PHP [email protected] Lol

23/05/2011 23:14:25 [email protected] Travis PHP This is me Dayo and @3theory game

23/05/2011 23:14:30 [email protected] Travis PHP W3

23/05/2011 23:14:32 Travis PHP [email protected] thats peter leamans game

23/05/2011 23:14:44 [email protected] Travis PHP W3 Theory

23/05/2011 23:14:47 [email protected] Travis PHP Is Peter

23/05/2011 23:14:50 [email protected] Travis PHP Its our game

23/05/2011 23:14:55 [email protected] Travis PHP Im main php coder/ html

23/05/2011 23:15:03 Travis PHP [email protected] im talking to peter right now

23/05/2011 23:15:05 Travis PHP [email protected] il ask him

23/05/2011 23:15:29 [email protected] Travis PHP Ask him

23/05/2011 23:15:29 [email protected] Travis PHP Im Failbro

23/05/2011 23:15:33 [email protected] Travis PHP Tell him

23/05/2011 23:16:53 [email protected] Travis PHP Asked him yet?

23/05/2011 23:17:01 Travis PHP [email protected] talking now

23/05/2011 23:17:14 Peter - W3 Theory has been added to the conversation.

23/05/2011 23:17:20 Travis PHP Peter - W3 Theory, [email protected] Here he Is

This will clear a little more just incase you cannot understand the screenshot

Please be carefull


- Travis (Dreamcoder)

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H3s lieing thats not even my email what kind of troll is this

Um, well first, that account only knew stuff that I talked with you in our pm on mwg, so I will have to say it was you. Plus it's a conversation screenshot (yes can be changed) but really for this, what would be the point. So it's not that I am lying, it's just evidence.

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Pritty sure the last thing he wants is that...

big fan of you i just wanted to work for you

So you said you were working for them? And thats how you show your a fan of someone, buy pretending you work for them?

but know im doing a project well sorry nayways.

Im sure he didnt want you working for him anyway, why are you sorry, your making it sound like peter is begging you to work for him...

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Why would me or peter lie thats the most stupid thing ive ever heard if you want i will upload the whole convo i would not make a fake and i have the PM's from mwg too soo -



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May 2011



Re: Hey

Yeah [email protected]

in that i asked for his Msn i will do a screenshot if no one trusts me but me and Peter got the evidence :) soo we clearly arnt lieing ??

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OMFG Now people are freaking lieing on me i'm quiting this forum

/Start-Sarcasm Aww, we're all really gonna miss you, please stay... \End-Sarcasm

How exactly do we tell a lie on you? We've reviewed the evidence, and we know its only w3theory that works on fed54, not Dayo, nor yourself. Then your acting like Peter wanted, and asked, you to work on fed54..

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