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Operation Palioxis

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( screen shot of the game so far (no artwork yet) i didnt create the main image just added text as a place holder).

Operation Palioxis is a php based text-puzzle game i have just started creating.


The year is 2020 and mission Palioxis has been given the go ahead, this will be the first manned mission to explore the outer reaches of our galaxy. You are captain aboard the ship 'Palioxis' and must make sure the mission is successful. A lot of money has been invested in this project from around the world and if you fail it could mark the end of the peace treaty of 2015.

But this mission hasn't gone as smoothly as people may have wanted; complications with fuel and food supplies have been major issues, also opposition from the NAEP (national anti-exploration programme) has meant that extra security has been needed to keep everything safe and top-secret, has enough been done...?

Not everything is as it appears, not everything is as it should be. What are you really involved in? Is it one of the biggest government cover ups of all time or has someone else been meddling where they shouldn't?


The idea of OP is that users have to solve problems they encounter on there journey, each user may have a different set of outcomes based on decisions they make. For example, you choose a hydrogen based engine your run out of hydrogen you must harvest more/find a fuelling point (this is an example of a very basic problem).

Head over to http://www.facebook.com/pages/Operation-Palioxis/185325961518232?sk=info to find out more.

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Some updates over at Operation Palioxis.

Coding is going well, have a basic design layout (no graphics as of yet), have the registration and login system working a seems fairly secure.

Ive just implemented a basic stats system to the game which i will be working on for the next week or so.


http://www.facebook.com/pages/Operation-Palioxis/185325961518232 -Like us if you haven't already ;)

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