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Stupid game development


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First of all this is not toward ANY of you... or actually all of those which think which can stat a game... in the wrong way. Don't take it badly and simply continue to read and hope you will learn something.

Some people came to me in the chat and asked, what do you think of this game and showed me a list of feature which had nothing incredible / unique. And this kind of chat was already for the good examples as some even start with, where I can download that game, but have not even an idea of the name for their game.


Why? because a game which is just a list (short or long) of features (unique or not) is not a game. You may think I'm stupid, mad or ignorant, however think about it. ANY games you see / play (beside some of the most basic one) do have a start point, a goal and a way to reach the goal. The fun part of the game is to reach this goal. Now what does that mean? In most cases a start point is... like an introduction to explain the background of the story (you waked up... and discovered you are a zombie), you have a goal (you want to be back human and not keep this middle state), and ways to reach it. If your game fails to have even those it will be hardly fun. Even an hangman have them! Now the more depth you give to your plot, the more interesting it will be... till it will be too complex.

Now I hear already complains like "I'm not good at story writing" or "but should I not learn first to code" or "but this is stupid I loose too much time". If you think one of those, then you may wonder instead, why should my player be interested in a game which is merely a list of links, without much explanations which do some random effect? Don't answer like "but my game will contain that feature X which is unique" that's plain lies, first of all because I hardly see a completely unique feature, second it will simply not make your game interesting.

So trust me, go to an old paper an pen set, write down your ideas, explain for yourself or others what will be the background of your game THEN only THEN start to think about features and how it shall be played!

Comments are welcome, as well as I would love to hear from you guys how you plan or develop your own games.

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Ok first of all I agree the general idea. People do jump right into the site, and don’t plan half as well as they should do. Saying that is fine, but I actually think it’s more basic. People copy games hoping to copy the success of the site… It has never worked that way nor will it ever work that way. A clone does not do as well as the original game!

As for one unique feature I disagree depending on the actual feature. If it’s a widespread game thing it’s not that bad to place hope around it.... If the game works well. It can't be something silly like "you can make your own pic" <- gameplay idea with the site based on it...

You also say thinking about learning to “code” first is a bad thing? I think that’s wrong. Programming (at least basic understanding of it) has to come as a priority, then and only then can you actually create the unique ideas you have(Well… Money but it’s better to learn. .) That and you know your limits for when you are planning.

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Well, if you do your game based on your skills, for sure it will not be any good at first and also will not push you to learn much. But yes you should start slowly and first try to implement easy games then go further. However people which first try to learn PHP without any kind of real goal... usually fail.

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Well by limits I more mean time management around work/school, type speed, and ability to pick up new things inside your chosen language quickly. You should have a goal of course, but by ‘basics’ I mean the things always used for just about anything... e.g. how to form a database query. Having that knowledge before you start is, in my opinion, a must.

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