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Drag and Drop

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Look on Yahoos YUI pages they have a selection of Drag n Drop Methods

There are many Methods of drag and drop stand alone which users drag from a screen but when screen is refreshed the drag n drop goes back to its original state.

Or theres the dbase method which stores the locations that a user has made so they are in the same place when user refreshes screen

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never played torn so i dont know exactly what you want but all dragging and dropping is is on mousedown set a variable isdragging to true then onmousemove set the objects/elements to the mouse cursors position which can be retrieved by event.pageX/pageY or event.mouseX/mouseY

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OMG lol open up Torn's source, and copy the jqery scripts, then copy the area in which those drag and drop is at in the source code, then take out torns names and link it with your tables in your databas, and the fields.. really simple if you know how to copy haha...

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