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cmarket.php HELP


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I really feel like an idiot, Ive had a really long day and decided to code my game again and went to fix the Crystal Temple and for some reason thought it should re-direct to cmarket.php and deleted it lol :( the MC Codes V2 i have for some reason the cmarket.php is COMPLETELY screwed can someone please post a Basic cmarket please

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Re: cmarket.php HELP


I just built a new computer 2 weeks ago....Didn't lose anything. Obviously new hard drive on mine as well...

/////Off Topic//////

How much did it cost? I'm looking to build me a Phenom II here soon.

////Back on Topic/////

If you bought them can't you contact them and ask for a redownload?

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Re: cmarket.php HELP

the computer i built was right at $700 with all extended warretny on all parts..(All my main parts 4 year warrenty)...Um...That was just the tower. And no OS.



8 gig ram

dvd drive

mother board

2 extra fans

500 gig sata hard drive

My Machine is a customized Acer xD gotta of spent like ?600 on it and it still sucks :(

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