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top 8 Tv shows ever


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Re: top 8 Tv shows ever

1. Lost

2. Battlestar Galactica

3. Painkiller Jane

4. Las Vegas


6. Stargate (even as they are reruns I still watch them)

7. Strange

8. Jekyll

They aren't in any particular order which are top, I like them all

Next to those I still like to watch 'Dr Who' , 'Poirot' and last year 'Sarah Connor the Chronicles' got me hooked also

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Re: top 8 Tv shows ever

i guess not lol i have never watched it dont really like the main character for one thing. i think i watched the first episode and i didn't like it. same with any thing really tho south park episode 1 not that great, family guy episode 1 not that great i agree that every show deserves a chance but there is just something about PB i do not like lol

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Re: top 8 Tv shows ever

1 Only Fools And Horses

2 Never Mind The Buzzcocks

3 Father Ted

4 Simpsons

5 Two Pints of Lager and a packet of crisps

6 QI

7 The Office

8 Friends

9 Steptoe and son

10 Catherine tate Show.

I hate soaps so i aint listing any. my GF watches them all the time i keep telling her she will never get to see the end of the damn things coz they will still be going when everyone on this forum are dead..

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