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Grammar Lessons


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When you enter CE, you are overwhelmed by the vast number of n00bs, usually tennagers (like myself, I must add in). Every post that 'SOME' of these n00bs make is either offensive, stolen/copied work or it's just plain right stupid and always grammatically incorrect.

The above does not apply to everyone, but to the great majority here. I thought it may be handy if I posted a few basic grammar rules, some maybe a bit silly (like 'i' before 'e'...), but still necessary.

So guys, if I make any grammatical errors in this post, you know it's very likely to be a typo unless my sentence looks somewhat like this:

I ain't no mod-stealer. Im'ma just using ideas!!! [email protected]$$"!


Read on:

1. 'i' before 'e' except after c, in most cases. i.e receipt, thief, relieve. Exception(s): weigh(t), neighbour, frequencies.

2. Don't use 'I ain't - It sounds extremely stupid and as some people put it, makes you sound 'thick'. Use I am not or I'm not.

3. Put your apostrophes in the correct place. Incorrect: were'nt, is'nt, did'nt. Correct: weren't, isn't, didn't. To make it easier, looks at the two words you've contracted. I even saw an apostrophe here: thing's. How dumb can you get?

Use weren't. There's were and there's not. Now in the contraction, there is no 'o' in not. Therefore, put an apostrophe in place of the 'o'. Simple eh?

4. DO NOT Capitalise Every Single Word...See The Irony? - It's hard on the eyes and it's just simply incorrect.

5. Use slang if you want, but don't go over the top.

6. Please, capitalise the letter I.

7. Avoid extra punctuation (!!!!!!!!).

8. Don't get homophones wrong. Simple ones like: 'me two!' or flower/flour!

9. Capitalise the right words. Don't do this: There was a Boy called mikey. Mikey is capital, boy isn't. Proper nouns?

10. I will add more every day when I can be bothered.

But 4 nw enjoy ur new grammmaa lessuns u dumm ass n00bs...lol...

And non-n00bies, feel free to add your grammar tips/rules. There's alot more :-D.

Finally, I do not care what people think of this post. It may be a stupid idea but oh well.

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