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miniNEAB 3.0 released


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We are happy to announce the version 3.0 of our game engine.


As enhancements we can point out:

- You may now see other players on the 2D map

- You may now chat with other players on the 2D map (with the base engine)

- You may battle together with other players against monsters

- The javascript engine is now much faster and fill the whole window if wanted.

As always this is a free upgrade to all our owners.

To see a good example of where the miniNEAB engine has been used:


And of course it's based on our own game:


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Re: miniNEAB 3.0 released

NEABExplorer: Free

microNEAB: $50

miniNEAB: $200

Additional optional packages:

- Ajax Chat (30$): allow to have complete chat in some locations as well as a standalone chat window with support for bots.

- Pets (40$): allows players to have pets helping during battles, train them and sell them.

- Arena (40$): allows players to battle against each others (PvP).

- Clans (40$): allows players to form clans and share stuffs.

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Re: miniNEAB 3.0 released

We have 3 different version with 3 different prices:

- Free (NEABExplorer) which let you try some features of the engine, and is free as long as you don't use it for commercial purposes (even payed banners are not accepted)

- 50$ (microNEAB) which is a superset of the free, adding yet another combat system, a bit improved javascript engine, and most important you can then go commercial.

- 200$ (miniNEAB) which is our engine, with the multi-player features, a lot of tools improved and basically all what you really need to make a good game.

Keep in mind it's an engine and not a finished game. That means, we don't give any pre-made quests (beside just to test), or pre-made usable maps. For this price you get however all the tiles we are currently using, and all the tools to start building your world.

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Re: miniNEAB 3.0 released

wow is all i have to say this game is so well written its amazing I highly suggest that if you want a good game engine this would be the way to go it is so data officiant that.You do not use much space and once set the account up you have nothing more to do all the rest can be done from the admin panel.I love it Totally worth the price.

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