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  1. Sure, I've just put it on http://baltic-kingdoms.ironleg.net/ If you get 404 that means DNS hasn't propagated yet so try a bit later.
  2. This game is designed to be just a quick clicker game you play on your phone. You build your army, you fight monster armies, you get look and you grow your castle. Rinse repeat. Just a quick silly fun. I wanted to make a game that I could play while in a que for a bus or while I wait for my PS4 to update. As such game is designed to work on mobile first and it works great on any mobile screen. However, it looks exactly the same on desktop as on mobile. Which is fine, I just did not expect for anyone to play this little game at their gaming PC 🙂 I've created this game during my learning phase so while its secure and works on PHP 7.2 don't expect some framework or OOP wizardry. Its quite simple procedural code. On the other hand if you just starting with PHP you wont have any difficulties extending this game. I don't expect to sell it for loads as its quite simple game. Please PM me your offers.
  3. Besides work and learning new stuff I'm torn between two web games... One is ancient PHP 5.4 game towards which I have a lot of nostalgia but code base is pathetic. Another is new web game I've written on Symfony 4 but it needs so much boring work (like chat, PM, user profile and other very boring systems have to be coded). I just flip back and forth between these two...
  4. PHP 5.6.11-1ubuntu3.2 (cli) That's my hosts file: <VirtualHost *:80> ServerAdmin [email protected] ServerName ullrge.dev ServerAlias http://www.ullrge.dev DocumentRoot /home/robert/www/ullrge.dev/public ErrorLog /home/robert/www/logs/ullrge-error.log CustomLog /home/robert/www/logs/ullrge-access.log combined </VirtualHost> Error log is empty so not sure what the problem is. Is this engine still supported by its creator?
  5. Unfortunately it wasn't .htaccess file. My DocumentRoot is already in /public so I shouldn't even use .htaccess file. It looks like register class in home controller is not working or not being triggered at all. I'm not sure, can't really debug it unfortunately.
  6. Hi, I've setup your engine on my localhost but all links seem to be 404. For example if I try to register (http://ullrge.dev/home/register) or login (http://ullrge.dev/home/login) Any pointers how I should try to solve it? Do I need some htaccess file or something?
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