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  1. yeah its a shame. Hospital/Jail time require the 1 min cron. and users are not going to wait 30 mins watching paint dry. They leave and come back later when their time is up. Just wondering if anyone had a work around for this lol. Like an auto page refresh or a way to keep a player active to keep those quaries going
  2. ive recently implemented timestamp crons on my site. i have them working but the problem is that they do not update unless someone is on the site going from page to page or refreshing. ie using globals.php (where the function is). Is there a way i can have this automated somehow? (besides using actual crons) Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. nice guys! ive always tried coding things on my own i was just having trouble with this one. i was trying to use {$ir['maxwill']} and couldnt get it to work the way i wanted it to. im not looking for full codes at all just more guidance. also i think giving the user a chance to NOT get random drops was eluding me. im really new to random functions. Also the reason i want random crystal drops for a property is because its for my game's top property which will be a donation items. :) I thank you all for your assistance. This website has lived up to its reputation for great people.
  4. Hey evertone. ive been trying to make a property that will randomly drop crystals to the user as they play. i havnt had any luck messing around with it. is there anyone willing to help out? im not even sure how to go about doing it really. still new to coding. if youre not willing to help please dont leave smart (BLEEP) comments.
  5. i've seen players on my game have cyber sex in their messages. quite graphic and disturbing to view.
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