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  1. Yeah were still not gonna get paid for our mods lmao
  2. Unfortunately going through the same thing. I've made my mods overpriced so no one would buy them. If I could get my mods removed too that would be great. Don't think we will be seeing any money from it.
  3. Hello everyone, I have some mods from my game that I've decided to put up for sale. My site is pretty much dead now as I have been too busy to keep up with it. The three mods I have are a Puzzle Gym, Pet system with a one click attack system, and a global boss fight. You can find all these mods on the MCCodes marketplace. (I just uploaded the Boss fight to the marketplace should be up in a couple days.) I will post a description of each mod below.   Puzzle Gym - Donator/Non-Donator ($5) As described, a gym with a puzzle. The goal is for your user to solve the puzzle to get the most points possible. The more points they get, the higher stat gain they will gain. The puzzle resets every day but if a user does not like the puzzle they were given for that day they can reset the puzzle themselves 3 times a day. The donator puzzle is a 4x4 puzzle while the non donator puzzle is a 3x3 puzzle. Each spot contains a number. The number is either 1,0 or -1 and this is what determines a user scores. Each point adds a 1% gain to your stat gain. With the donator puzzle if you score a 14 or better you get a bonus stat gain. The chances of getting a 14 or better are pretty low so its not gonna be a "Pay to Win" system to throw users away. The bonuses are: 14 Points: 10% stat gain 15 Points: 20% stat gain 16 Points: 30% stat gain Gym ScreenShots Click here to purchase the Gym Pets With One Click Attack System ($10) Pretty straight forward. Your users can buy a pet from the pet store. Admins can create/edit pets with ease. Your users can train their pets stat. Their pet gains energy when the user does. You can pay for upgrades to make your pet stronger faster. This comes with a one click attack system. Your pet will help you fight your enemy. So if you have a strong pet, it could definitely benefit you more. Each fight you win, not only do you get exp but your pet also gains exp. You can also do pet vs pet fights to gain even more exp for your pet. When a pet levels up your pet gets 4 free upgrade for your pet. Pets ScreenShots Click here to purchase the Pets   Boss Fight ($5) A global boss fight for all your users to compete. Admins have the ability to create bosses, spawn them, and more. Each time you attack the boss your user will receive exp and money. Your users can attack the boss once, 5 times, or they can use crystals to do 15 attacks. Every hit and the amount of damage gets saved so when the boss is killed each user will get rewards based on where they ranked. The prizes are for most hits and most damage dealt. As soon as the boss is killed all users will be automatically credited. Includes jQuery tabs to show prizes, most hits and most damage leaderboards. Boss ScreenShots Purchase Link available soon. If you wish to purchase the mod now please feel free to message me. Also if you have any problems or question feel free to message me as well. If you need help installing anything I can message you my skype or email. Thank you for your time!
  4. Love the idea and if it works how described it would be worth the price. At least I would pay for it lol
  5. How many have actually purchased this mod? I was thinking about buying it but I don't know if this is legit.
  6. Is it just the tabs for the item types or is everything jQuery?
  7. I did this awhile ago looks like you guys did a little more with it also never thought about putting it in an iframe it looks nice. Love how you guys did the logs too. Hope sales go well.
  8. Just want a simple shared housing. The partner with the lower value house automatically moves into the higher value house and have the same amount of will. I'm actually not looking for someone to code this as I can do it on my own. I just would like some ideas, I'm not exactly sure how I should go with it. Seems like there can be a lot of exploits with this and I want to make sure everything runs smoothly.
  9. I've already got a captcha on my registration just to slow sign ups. Email activation seems like a good idea the only reason I haven't added one yet is because there are so many sites to where you can get a temporary email. I even use temporary emails when checking out other websites and games just so my personal email doesn't get all spammed up. I've added an age limit and everything to my forums and stuff that has seemed to work a little bit. Most people don't want to wait 3 days to mess with you either. lol Thanks everyone.
  10. I know you can block IPs and whatnot but that will not stop people from coming back. I've got a very annoying person that constantly keeps coming back and messaging my players saying that my game is a scam and bullcrap. I assume he is using proxies. Its annoying to ban every ip address he uses. Is there a more simple player to block unwanted users? Thanks in advance. :)
  11. Price is cut in half due to lack of sales and needing some extra cash.
  12. Jimbo


    Depends. Are you selling items on your game or are you receiving donations?
  13. I usually like to add an update every couple days unless its something big, and think about what I am adding to make sure it wont drive members away. I haven't done much competitions aside from referral competitions. You mean like leveling competitions say like first to level 50 gets something? Something along those guidelines. It would be awesome to get the game really going to be able to have cash prizes. Thanks for the input.
  14. Jimbo

    Creative Writer?

    Sorry if I am in the wrong spot but I am looking for someone to possibly write a game description for me, maybe about a paragraph long. I am not a creative writer whatsoever so it would be very helpful. My game is prison themed. I am broke at the moment but will send someone a couple bucks later for their help. Thank you.
  15. Yes I agree. I work on getting the best balance so new users can still have fun. I am still working on getting the facebook rolling maybe I will also look into making a twitter account. Thanks for your input.
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