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Slight Issue

The Ace

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People can't seem to vote when they use the "Opera" browser. It works fine with IE and FireFox, but when someone tries to vote, it takes them to the login screen rather than the actual voting site, where they click yes or no or whatnot...

Any ideas why? :?

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Re: Slight Issue

Opera seems to use a very different way of networking than most browsers, and it has these little "mishaps".

The session is getting deleted on page load, but this shouldn't happen, it's a bug in your program, not the Opera browser.

Mind posting the contents of that script here?

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Re: Slight Issue

OK, I'll post one of the votecetop.php (for example) :lol:

Here is my votecetop.php


if(get_magic_quotes_gpc() == 0)
foreach($_POST as $k => $v)
foreach($_GET as $k => $v)
require "global_func.php";
if($_SESSION['loggedin']==0) { header("Location: login.php");exit; }
include "config.php";
global $_CONFIG;
define("MONO_ON", 1);
require "class/class_db_{$_CONFIG['driver']}.php";
$db=new database;
$is=$db->query("SELECT u.*,us.* FROM users u LEFT JOIN userstats us ON u.userid=us.userid WHERE u.userid=$userid");
$q=$db->query("SELECT * FROM votes WHERE userid=$userid AND list='cetop'");

print "You have already voted at CE Top Web Games today!";

$db->query("INSERT INTO votes values ($userid,'cetop')");
$db->query("UPDATE users SET crystals=crystals+45 WHERE userid=$userid");


If you need the others, I will post them.... :)

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Re: Slight Issue

Perhaps the problem is the www subdomain.

If they were on the top level domain (i.e., no www in the url) and then are redirected to www, that would cause the problem.

The best way to prevent such a thing, is to use relative links and if you do use full links, always have it either with the www, or without. If you have it one way in one place, and another way in another place, that will cause problems.

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