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Websites in the past.


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Re: Websites in the past.


Sergey Brin married yesterday according the newspaper, with the daughter of the owner of the garagebox they rented to start google.






Sorry, ladies! The world has lost yet another most-eligible bachelor -- perhaps the most eligible bachelor on the planet. We've learned that Sergey Brin, the former Prince Georgian and U-Md. grad who co-founded Google, quietly married his girlfriend, Anne Wojcicki, in the Bahamas last weekend.

Google officials said they cannot comment on their executives' personal lives. But one guest told friends that Brin flew the smallish wedding party down to the islands and that the ceremony itself was held on a sandbar to which guests either had to swim or take a boat.

Brin immigrated from Russia as a young child with his parents, both academics, and founded the Internet search engine with fellow Stanford grad student Larry Page. Now 33 and Google's president of technology, Brin was estimated by Forbes this spring to have a net worth of $16.6 billion, making him the ninth-richest person in the United States and the richest 30-something in the world.

Wojcicki, a biotech analyst who just started her own company, is a graduate of Yale in her early 30s. Her sister Susan was an early Google employee who rented her Menlo Park, Calif., garage to Brin and Page as their first office. Don't know too much else about Anne, except that she sounds kinda fun -- she recently bid $160,000 at a charity fundraiser for a "weightless" jaunt on one of those zero-gravity jets.



There you guys go. :)

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