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[mccode v2] Login & Register [$20.00]


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Hi This Is The First Thing Im Posting And Dont Say I Didnt Make It And All That Please

Simple Made Login And Register Took Me sumin like 1 day an a half to make here is a screen shots






8 Images

2 Php Files

If Your Going To Post Negitive Dont Post Please :-)

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Guest Anonymous

Re: Login & Register {V2} $20


ClanTemplates.com does NOT allow the redistribution, linking or mirroring of its templates, renders, tutorials or any other content in any form, to any site, for any purpose

Well I'd say that was pretty self explanatory...

However... What the OP has done is add the functionality required by DBS/MCcodes system by adding the login mechanism...

Personally I feel that $20 is waaaay to high for what is essentially a few lines that any script kiddie should be able to rattle off, but then, that's just me.

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Re: Login & Register {V2} $20

Lol script kiddie

nice Nyna...

This is a rubbish login and register i could do better with my eyes closed and one hand... atleast learn something before you post it...

i mean people are a little stupid this forum has like 400 coders registered and script kiddies think not one of us will notice... lol

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