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Have mails dont show


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Ok here is the problem

on one of my v2 games

i have mail but it dont show like i logged in said Mailbox (0)

but i clicked it and i had mail

so does anyone know what the problem is

and it wouldent have to tdo wid the mailbox.php just something on my mainmenu.php am i right.?????

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Re: Have mails dont show

Nope sounds like your mailbox.php

It has to update the users table (newmail) <-- something like that...everytime you send a mail...

Not exact code but will help you solve it...in the mailbox.php in the send function there should be a query to do that somethign like this.

$db->query("UPDATE users SET newmail=newmail+1 WHERE userid= here is where im not sure but it should be the person RECIVEING the mail.

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