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A plea for help...


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Dearest CE members,


Most of you know me, one way or another. To those who don't, let me introduce myself. I am Seanybob (or studmuffin, if you prefer), a programmer from Southern California.

I come before you today asking for help. I will be helping to lead a missions trip to East Australia this summer, with my church, Wildwood Calvary Chapel.


We have assembled a team of 11 amazing people, and will "in the field" for two weeks. During that time, we will be setting up summer camps and visiting various churches to spread a word of encouragement, but our main activity will be street-witnessing.

We've encountered numerous challenges in setting this up (the devil's been busy) but God has helped us overcome every single obstacle so far.

Now comes the "asking" part. We need all the spiritual and financial support we can get.

If you feel led to help spiritually, please pray for us. New challenges are being thrust on the team daily, and we could use the prayer.

If you feel led to help financially, there are several ways you can do this. All of my mod/code sales from now until the end of july will be going straight to this team. As well, if you would like to send a donation, please send it to [email protected] (paypal). All money currently in that account and anything that is sent until the end of july will be going for this team.

It is currently costing about $2100 per person, so I can use all the help I can get. I've gathered some rather pitiful savings together and have put together about $1200 so far (including the money I'll be making between now and the end of july).

Any questions, feel free to post here.

No obligation to help (naturally).

In Christ,


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Re: A plea for help...

Forums: $50 (ver 1)

Honors Awards: $20 (ver 2 or ver 1)

My High/low with cards and high score table: $20 (ver 1)

I have others hidden in the bowels of my computer that I made a while back, I'll post em as I find em

In addition, I will freelance code.

If you send me the following:

1) name of a mod you want done

2) description of what you want the mod to do (as detailed as possible)

3) Price you'd donate/give to this fund for the mod to get done

And I can do it. If you have any doubt about my abilities, I can give you several reputable names that would back me up.

Edit: O, and thanks Noelle :)

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Re: A plea for help...


my prayers go out to you and your church, may God bless your trip. I'm glad to see another fellow christian is out there doing Gods will.

Thank you, stryker. Much appreciated, my brother :)


50% of the subscriptions, starting today will go to you seanybob, this for a period of 1 month

Wow... thank you MD!

*tears in eyes*


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Re: A plea for help...


I can vouch for seany, Although im not sure how reputable my name is :lol:


Same goes for me LostOne. I vouch for seany, but my name I would suspect isn't so reputable LMAO.


@ Seany - Keep it up. I'd go with you, but I doubt I could get 2100 USD for myself to go :(

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