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Before I used to use notepad for html, however I've seen some programs where they have the line number on the side, which I believe would be great to find errors (at the moment I'm having to count down to find it xD).

what free programs are there out there that are good?

Thanks :)

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Re: Programs

I prefer to use Zend Studio, it costs money but it really is worth it.

But for a free solution, try to get a copy of phpDesigner Personal Edition.

Side note: Extermination™, DW is more of a styling program hat actuall scripting, I wouldn't ever recommend it for developing PHP scripts.

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Re: Programs

Does notepad++ have code syntax highlighting?

I can't tell you how invaluable to me that is.

I use Zend Studio Pro.

The Pro version includes ftp which is another invaluable thing for me since I code locally, and then upload to the server when I'm done.

There are free alternatives such as Aptana Studio which also has syntax highlighting, and ftp.

Aptana also has code folding which is something I would not do without.


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Re: Programs

control + shift + F3 => Folds all the functions on the page... :D

control + 3, control + 2, control + 1 => wraps selected text in <h3></h3> tags

control + d => duplicates a line of code, or all selected code.


Those to me are some of the most important key board short cuts for zend in case you haven't found those yet.

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