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[mccode] Gallery System [$20.00]


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A modification I have been eager to release, taken me well over a few weeks to complete and fixing bugs.

This modification has some very useful features, but not only that, it makes use of the newest methods that modern galleries have.

This is now FREE!

I didn't want to show screen shots of the modification, simply because it would not show exactly how things work.

I also didn't want to make a demo somewhere, because of the risk that the concept or source might be fragmented, features are programmed with javascript as well.

So I have decided on a video approach, you can watch the video that shows this script in action.

Video can be watched here: http://www.spudinski.com/modifications/gallery.html, or downloaded here: http://media.spudinski.com/gallery_mod.avi (16MB).

Front-end feature list:

  • User menu
  • View user's gallery
  • View and Search for others galleries
  • Browse and search all images
  • Modify images
  • Deletion of images
  • Sharing links for images
  • Multiple uploads
  • Statistics viewing for moderators
  • Additional browser support
  • Alternative upload method
  • Configuration viewer with detailed descriptions
  • Configuration editor
  • Style sheet editor


The feature list of the back-end will be given out on request only, so PM me if you want it.

The price for this is actually *very* low priced, but taking in consideration everyone I couldn't make the price what it actually should be worth.


New version 2.0 released!

The price is $20(twenty US dollars) for this current, that includes the following files:

  • gallery.php
  • gallery.html(installation file)
  • galleries.sql
  • galleries, original and thumbnails folders
  • no_thumb.png
  • configuration.php
  • style.css
  • complete arrow set for pagination


It alos comes with full support, if anything gives you a problem you can contact me an I will respond with a suitible sollution a.s.a.p.

To purchase this, please PM me or alternatively email me at spudinski[at]gmail.com.

Copies will be granted on each purchase, until I feel a need to suspend purchases.

Edited by Spudinski
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Re: Gallery System

One thing I should have mentioned, that some might wonder about.

The script does make use of PHP-GD, but it is not required, there is a backup.

The script will - if PHP-GD not present - resize the image in the display output, it is no way a requirement to GD.

The only downside of not using PHP-GD is that the images will not be scaled to smaller images, and it can make bandwidth rates increase more that intended.

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Re: Gallery System

An updated release of this modification has been released, version 2.0.

It fixes some minor issues, and adds new functionality.

The price will rise by $5, making the new price $20.

Everyone who purchased the modification before the update, will receive the updated free of charge.

Features that were added:

    • Additional browser support.
    • Config viewer with detailed descriptions.
    • Config editor
    • Style sheet editor


The file structure has also been altered for convenience, see main post for more details.

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Re: Gallery System

I have purchased this modification and had a few issues and spudinski totally went out of his way to help...

The support he offered on this was fantastic and did so at no extra cost to the price i paid for the modification...

I am so impressed with both this mod and the support and help offered by spudinski i have sent him a bonus through paypal to thank him for his help...

If you like the sounds of this mod don't hesitate to buy, the mod and the support is fantastic...

Thanks Spudinski

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