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Coding Tutorials


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Re: Coding Tutorials


try...google this

w3schools i mean it has alot about all diff coding styles






xss and more!!!!!

Now why would a webdev site have C++ tutorials... :-P

The best source of learning is books, run down to your local book store and get a PHP & MySQL 101.

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Re: Coding Tutorials

Whilst I agree with Spudinski that books are a fantastic resource, I taught myself a fair amount of PHP using online tutorials at first. Then I began referring to manuals more, and later on, after I had about 3 months of experience and a decent handle on the language, I then picked up a book.

Some people have a hard time with books (I love em though) and some don't. But with that said, let's list out in order the best teaching methods:

1 Private tutor

2 Public Schooling

3 Book Study

4 Online Study


So, the choice is yours as to how you want to go. Of course, moving up that list gets progressively more expensive.

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