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The Best Game Ever Released

Delete !

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I'm Not Going To List Games But The Guidelines I'll Post


Dates : Could Date from Anything As Early As 2000

Consoles It Can Be Played On : Any Accept Really Old Ones E.g Atari

Game Genre : Any E.g Fantasy, Action, Sport E.t.c

Game Name : E.g Gears Of War, Resistance Fall Of Man, Fifa 08


Please Post Them 4 When Replying Thanks For Your Input =]

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Guest Anonymous

Re: The Best Game Ever Released

Two spring to mind...

Dungeon (Probably waaaay older than most of you guys put together). It was credited as the first computer game and as such holds a place in history.

Doom is probably the next. As a game is was ... passable, but the architecture behind it, allowing people to create their own mods basically started a huge industry.

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Re: The Best Game Ever Released

Well i think runescape.com jayex seems a cool guy.

Since 2004, Jagex has donated over £200,000 to various charities including:


Save the Children


Hamlin Churchill Childbirth Injuries Fund

Cancer Research

Cystic Fibrosis Trust

The University of Pennsylvania

Royal Marsden Cancer Campaign

Bury Bombers Wheelchair Basketball

SOS Children's Villages

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Re: The Best Game Ever Released


GTA series, Rockstar has made the most money and sold the most copies sold so far in history.

I will have to agree with Isomerizer, I played GTA San Andreas for over 200 hours.

I would really like to give the new game a try too, when I get a chance.

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Re: The Best Game Ever Released


Well Cos Im Very Good At It And Im Sure Iso Can Back Me Up I'd Say COD 4 Was The Best Game Made It Has Alot Of Stunning Features And A Great Online Expereince :P

i suppose but it is a really short game only took me 3 days with 2 hours online every day :|

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