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ipn_donator.php not crediting!


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I keep buying myself a Will Potion to test it out, and I'm not geting credited or the event.


  $db->query("INSERT INTO inventory VALUES('',3,$userid,1)",$c);
$db->query("INSERT INTO logsdonation VALUES('','Pack 1 Will Potion','$userid','$ir[username]',unix_timestamp())");
event_add($userid,"You receive a Will Potion. Check your inventory.",$c);


The normal donator days donation code is


else if($pack==5)
$db->query("INSERT INTO inventory VALUES('',1,$userid,25)");
$db->query("INSERT INTO inventory VALUES('',3,$userid,1)");
$db->query("INSERT INTO inventory VALUES('',5,$userid,25)");
$db->query("INSERT INTO inventory VALUES('',51,$userid,1)");
$db->query("INSERT INTO logsdonation VALUES('','Donator Days','$userid','$ir[username]',unix_timestamp())");
event_add($userid,"You receive a Donator Status Mega Pack. Check your inventory.",$c);


I'm guessing

<input type="hidden" name="item_name" value="{$domain}|DP|1|{$userid}">

tells it it's Pack 1.

When done with the order, PayPal links to


generating the thank you message. Any one know what's wrong? :?

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Re: ipn_donator.php not crediting!


The Origional Mc Donator Page Is Very Buggy With Not All The Features Working

Yep, I quickly noticed that and decided to dump ipn_donator.php


Your Best bet Is To Make Donator Items And Wait For The Donation To Transfer Before They Recive The Benfits ;) =]

That's what I ended up doing after buying myself donations to test it out! I got donatordone.php doing everthing. Right now I got it so after paying, they click the image to the site, get the donation if PayPal provides a tx code, and then redirect to another URL that doesn't show the long URL that PayPal goes to...


hiding the tx code. The script has



//Log people trying to cheat....

$db->query("INSERT INTO logsdonation VALUES('','Die-Donator Pack.','$userid','$ir[username]',unix_timestamp())");

$db->query("UPDATE userstats SET donator=yes where userid=$userid",$c);

die ("PayPal did not confirm the order. If you just made an order, contact <A HREF=DOMAIN.com/mailbox.php?action=compose&ID=1>the admin</a> with your PayPal E-mail address and transaction number.");


//tx provided, credit player...

$db->query("INSERT INTO logsdonation VALUES('','Donator Pack','$userid','$ir[username]',unix_timestamp())");

$db->query("INSERT INTO inventory VALUES('',1,$userid,25)");

$db->query("INSERT INTO inventory VALUES('',3,$userid,1)");

$db->query("INSERT INTO inventory VALUES('',5,$userid,25)");

$db->query("INSERT INTO inventory VALUES('',51,$userid,1)");

$db->query("UPDATE userstats SET donator='yes' where userid='$userid'",$c);

event_add($userid,"You receive a Donator Pack. Check your inventory.",$c);

header("Location: donatordone.php?action=packdone");


and there's just one exploit. A player can press back on his browser to go to PayPal again, click the button linking to the donatordone.php page again...and get the donation again!! Is there a way to have the tx number from the URL (tx=2VS123455TX6789666 in this example.) be added to the logsdonation table and when ever some one loads donatordone.php it checks to see if the tx number is unique??

One idea I had was to only allow a donation every XX minutes, so they can't donate again until they are loged out of PayPal, or the cache on PayPal expires, though I would love to make it secure with out having donation time restrictions!

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