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[mccode] Marriage Script [$10.00]

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Hello all,


You might all wonder its the same old marriage script that has got it all in different files. No this is in 1 file. It is a marriage script that is just in 1 file. No others. Except for instructions in the viewuser.php & index.php


You can view it at www.violent-chaos.com


Comes with marriages.php, instructions & sql


How to purchase:

Contact me via here or on msn [email protected].


Just need to change the include("globals.php"); at the top to work with v1.

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Re: Marriage Script [$10]

To be honest, I would not buy this (just my opinion) because for the following reason:

1. No houses sharing as on other marriage scripts.

2. I would spend my money wisely and check through the available marriage scripts which other people have made (not saying they are better or nothing)

3. And finally I would make it myself as it is very easy.

But good one killah, however, I am seeing a lot of posts which are really small modifications on the paid modifications which should be on the free modifications category, I would recommend that you stop posting little ones on the paid modifications, and put them on the free modifications section, but then make a nice big modification which make you a lot of cash. :wink:

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Re: Marriage Script [$10]

Well toxication. There is only 1 marriage script that is going around. But the shared housing some times messes up the game. Another reason why im selling this is because ill be selling addons to fit it.

Another reason is the other marriage script is in 4 files while mine is in 1. Less resource, more eficient.

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Re: Marriage Script [$10]

gotta agree there less mods more space in ftp lol i hate having to many files in ftp, nice mod mate and tox i am not disagreeing with you about the size but also im not agreeing

ever mods worth something depends on the coder to work out what.

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