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[mccode] Advanced Merit System [$10.00]


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This mod is only for v2 you can convert it yourself if you wish.



Advanced Merit System


Available: 14 Copies



$10.00 USD



1 php file(Merits.php)

1 txt file(Instructions.txt)



In this merit system instead of having to upgrade your level/get merit you simply just gain exp and when you switch to lets say for example level 2 you get your merit automatically. Obviously when you look at these screen shots you will see "Nuggets" but thats just crystals and i have changed it all to crystals in the mod you can edit this to suite your game if you have even the lowest of coding skills but at least some coding skills would be needed to edit this mod hence the price.


Screen Shots:





Contact Me:

[email protected] [MSN]

or mail me on here.

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Re: Advanced Merit System [$5]

Very nice script! Very easy to edit what players get! For example, I changed mine to give out 100 in stats per level, 1 for crystals per level, $1000 per level, or two doner days per Merit. For example, a level 100 player could gain 10,000 of a stat, 100 crystals, or $100,000.

If you can do simple editing (For example adding *$ir['level'] to $reward ) you can let your economy tell you what the rewards should be to make it a nice addition to the game. It doesn't have to for example be just 10 of a stat, which wouldn't be much for a player with millions, billions...of a stat or cash!!

It's well worth the money, just counting the time you would need to make it.

Yes, the code is very efficient! I only added the 17 letters/space to global_func, did one table alter, edited and uploaded the script, and added a link to the script in explore.php. Nothing that would come even close to slowing the server down!

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Re: [mccode] Advanced Merit System [$10.00]


is this like the honor award system?

In effect yes, but from what i have read, you gain merits for leveling up, and i believe those merits you can trade in for "in game benefits". So it is similar but quite different to the honor system.

I have one question Zero, there are quite a few merit systems out their, this seems fairly bland from the screenies, what is it (in your opinion) that makes it "Advanced"?

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