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In game forums for sale


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I am now selling my forums mod...

I based it off the gang forums, then completely revamped it. It has many features, including clickable smiles and text commands, supports bbcode and smileys, shows last poster, and plenty more. You can view the last 10 posts and last 5 topics, which is handy for seeing what has changed since the last time you viewed the forums. The bbcoder and smiley coder are both my own, i made them from scratch. Here's a couple pics...







Price: $50

You can either just send the money straight to [email protected], and put forums mod in the notes, or email me to set it up.

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Re: In game forums for sale


Looks great, very well done mod seanybob but I have question's to ask.

Is all user input sanitized?

Is it SQL injectable?

Thanks in advance!

Also thank you micheal for posting your forums.

Sorry for the delay in response; college is a hassle. School is getting in the way of my coding time *winks*

I would like to say it is not sql injectable. Since I coded it, it is pretty well sanitized. I will go back through it right now (as I have some spare time) and ensure everything is sanitized and all sql injections are blocked.

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