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[mccode v2] Mining V2 Converted


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Re: Mining V2 Converted

It is fine if it calls to the user-defined function db::query or if calls to the internal function mysql_query, just as long as it has the connection identifier is globally defined for either of the functions, it will work in the same way.

The MySQL script for this is fine.

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Re: Mining V2 Converted

Thanks for the constructive comments and its my first conversion so it must be good if your saying it is

I saw a conversion but it didnt have 100% converted so it all works so i converted it so that it will look and feel like a v2 mod if theres anything i could change just ask me.

If you would like a mod converting ask me as well

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Guest Anonymous

Re: Mining V2 Converted


yeah if your db is mysql this code is fine

Well I think changing to Oracle, SQL server etc would be a little bit advanced for most here.


okay open it in notepad click ctrl + h then add: mysql_ in the fine what section and add $db-> in the replace with section then click replace all

Assuming you have a backup and understand the ramifications of serachin and replace with global variables.

Call to undefined function: fetch_array() in /home/www/the-gangster-teritory.freehostia.com/mine.php on line 5

And you say converting is simple ... Hehe


Come on peeps - this is easy stuff - when converting mods from 1 -> 2 or 2-> 1, make the same source work in both.

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Re: Mining V2 Converted


You're unable to view this code.

Viewing code within this forum requires registration, you can register here for free.


And thats with the code added.


omg thats easy

change mysql_ to $db-> and _array to _row

( thats for all the script advice use notepad and ctrl + H )

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