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Voting Site Script [Question]

Absolute Zero

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Recently I have become interested in making my own voting site such as TOPRPG or TWG. I heard of people using aardvarktopsitesphp and stuff like that, but, I was wondering if it was any good? How customizable?

Also would it be worth coding from scratch? Is it even worth it? How long would this sort of project take? If this is the wrong section for this please move it, if not, please help! Thank you for all your input, Absolute Zero.

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Guest Anonymous

Re: Voting Site Script [Question]

It's certainly possible, however, ... mdshare is the man with the knowledge on this front.

From what I remember a very large % of voting sites fail, although tbh, I'm not sure why. Designing them is simple - not really mush to do, so I guess that unless you can offer something really special, (i.e. proper validated callbacks), you're screwed.

Have a chat with md, though, his knowledge is > mine on this front.

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Re: Voting Site Script [Question]

When I set up my voting for my game, I'll only be using voting sites that allow me to know if the vote was actually counted.

Just lettin ya know. I know other games don't do that, or don't care, or don't know how to work that, but that's how it is. lol

No sense in giving out benefits to those whose votes didn't count.

Most of the times, they vote for one game, then vote on another, and by the time they vote from your game, their vote won't be counted. so that's my two cents :D

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Re: Voting Site Script [Question]

easy to start a voting site, even custom made from scratch

eg cetwg is basicly 1 php file a header and footer

now why would you start a voting site ??? there are 1000's if not 10000s and the only succesfull ones seems to be the custom made ones, not based on existing voting scripts (eg aardvark, evotopsites, etc...)

Those using a existing voting script will all have the issue floydian mentioned above, I don't think I've seen any fixing that part. While you look at the custom ones 'ALL Votes/game' count.

Now starting a voting site has also another issue.....

* How will you attract games to use your services ?

- unsolicited e-mail aka spam ????

- advertising on game related sites, heavy ad campaigns, yea it all costs money doesn't go from 1-2-3 to something succesfull

* Your server... etc

- lets say you become succesfull, doubtfull you can stay on a shared server, so you need to invest in a dedi

(100 games x avg 2000 votes a day (2 pages)) = 400,000 pages/day

lets say at 150K/page as most sites have tons of banners , your assigned bandwidth on your dedi will vanish superfast


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