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Re: Reachads

So far I've paid for 143 Clicks (out of 68K views). I have 43 New accounts from these clicks. 31 of those appeared to at least give the game a shot. Only 4 of those are actively playing my game.

I'm disappointed with my results. It does not seem to fit with the text based php game genre.

Mdshare, do you do any tracking on the users you get from advertising? Are they actually contributing CE members?

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Re: Reachads

at this point it's more traffic that counts instead of signups

getting the name out to the world

in combination adsense and reachads as publisher I can't complain as the extra traffic generated a extra 20% revenue for that day so now it's trying to find a balance to have it as a 0 operation cost (ad budget/publishing) or have some extra.

If I can generate a balance with adcampaigns/publishing this would become the cheapiest easiest way to advertise

game wise, you need signups as you have different ways than I do to make money. So you do need signups and donators.

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