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Re: Forum Ideas

Cymruambyth: WTF? lol i was on that like ages ago its just wrong!

Deathstar: DONT CLICK IT!! A guy swings his penis around

ALSO Deathstar:

and why do i know kraig again?

What you mean?


Lol we have kinda thought about doing it on porn... :evil:

You cant do it on porn it is ilegal unless you have a licence

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Re: Forum Ideas

you blatenly clicked it because i told you waht is was you gay :P

and DeathStar, we all know your not a dog, dogs are smarter! :P xD


hmmm why not a forum called Cheaters

ways to cheat your hubby/wife.... could be a hit

LOL!!! i dont think that is a good thing though, Promoting cheating on people

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Re: Forum Ideas

well i dont like the idea of people giving tips on how to cheat on your girlfriend/fionce/wife - boyfriend/fionce/husband, i just think that is totaly wrong, but share your story of you being cheated on or you making a mistake and cheating on someone etc

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