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securing against mysql injection


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Re: securing against mysql injection

All SQL injection can be prevented simply by writing your queries properly and sanitizing data *before* it reaches the mysql_query function.

There are a number of topics that discuss this at length in the forums here.

Primary function of note is mysql_real_escape_string()

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Re: securing against mysql injection

So this


$query = sprintf("UPDATE users SET money=money+($amt) WHERE userid='%s' ",



would be better than this?


$db->query=("UPDATE users SET money=money=($amt) WHERE userid=$userid");


Or is there a better way to write that? Please an example. :-D

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Re: securing against mysql injection

Nice to see you again AH!

Anyway yes :P

Note: "mres" stands for "mysql_real_escape_string" (saves me from typing it out all the time!)

The idea of a mres is to clean the users input before it reaches the query.

Although the manual states to put mres after the query - Nyna's way (and I know this to be right as she effectively rewrote the entire thing xD) puts it before! xD

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