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Proof Girls are Evil


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Proof Girls are Evil

We all know girls require time and money so,

Girls = time x money

We also know that time is money

Time = Money

and Girls = money x money


Girls = money2

As you may know, money is the root of all evil.


money = SquareEvil.jpg

from this you can derive that

Girls = money2 = (SquareEvil.jpg)2

and that Girls = Evil

:D I guess if you want to get real nasty and try to graph Girls = Evil than Girls = +/- Evil, and that the graph would go in 2 directions ;)

taken from sts.ce a private clan forum hosted by CE

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Guest Anonymous

Re: Proof Girls are Evil


Who says evil is always a bad thing? :evil:


See I was gonna take time to post a bunch of men are thick and lame jokes...but then I got busy and forgot. Truth is I dont mind having an evil side....much rather be evil then dimwitted

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Re: Proof Girls are Evil

LOL, very clever and witty.

girls = Time X Money

that is so right, especially for me at the moment where it costs me £40 in trainfare to see her, but...

love = Good

Good > Evil

therefore... it's all gravy and I don't care :P

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