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[mccode] Fixed Advertisements for mccode v1.1

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

include "mysql.php";
global $c;
if($_SESSION['ad']== 0 && !$_POST['username'] && !$_POST['password'])
print "
Want to see your advertisement?

Want to see the Statistics so far?

Login with the details.

Username :

Password :

if($_POST['username'] && $_POST['password'])
$uq=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM ads WHERE adLOGIN='{$_POST['username']}' AND adPASS='{$_POST['password']}'",$c) or die(mysql_error());
if(mysql_num_rows($uq)== 0)
Invalid Username/Password.

>Retry Login

print << You have successfully logged in

} }
if($_SESSION['ad']== 1)
global $c;
$is=mysql_query("SELECT * FROM ads WHERE adID='{$_SESSION['adid']}'",$c) or die(mysql_error());
print "
You have logged in as your Advertisement.

Your Advertisement URL : {$r['adURL']}

Your Advertisement Image : {$r[

Your Advertisement ID : {$r['adID']}

Your Advertisement Clicks : {$r['adCLICKS']}

Your Advertisement Views : {$r['adVIEWS']}

Thankyou for logging in to check your advertisement.

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Re: [mccode] Fixed Advertisements for mccode v1.1

I am testing right now

Results:Decent (Here's why)

No link to make a advertisement

And i couldent find no where in there where the link like on some v1 and v2 stuff it will say like ad.php?action=makeadd or something i didn't find that in nothing up there .... :? someone help me wid that


We'll from beside's all that i haven't yet found a error in there so it works just no way to make one lol


if($ir['userid'] != 1)


die("Disabled for you.");



^^ does that mean that if ur id[1] you can't do it or does it mean that if ur not id 1 you cant do it the ! confused me i know about the other ones its just that one always get's me :-) :?

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Re: [mccode] Fixed Advertisements for mccode v1.1

even with the obvious missing pointers, it seems to me that it lacks one or two main functions :| i manage to make a "work around" though it keeps not wanting to do the trick, as main directions on to the install are also not that obvious as they seem to be :S, so if anyone out there was able to pull this out, well, i don't ask for the code, only a pointer to the solution as it is not obvious for me :)

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