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_Stoner_ AKA: Anthony

Ok well Anthony has been coming around scamming people, ripping people off,

Now about his game's, His game's are just back-ups of his old game oe the game before that, So once you bought a game from him to be shore you will see the same game the next week, His co-owner deal's :\ Well he always looking for someone to become co-owner of his game, ( Someone Who He Can Scam And Take Money Off ) Now, when you are co-owner he will not give you acess to cpanel, also he does not tell you about larage donation's ( Keep's The Money For Himself ) Then tell's you about the smaller donation's like $3.00, If you wanna check this he owned

www.criminalisland.com With he backed up and put on www.criminalcombat.com ( Changed Abit )

There are many other story's of him scamming and fighting so this is a warning message!!!

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Re: _Stoner_

Well you may all know that i have started his own topic and all but anyway's thought i'd might add a bit here.

Ok well he said i could buy www.criminalisland.com for $125 so i said ok ill send him the $125, Once i sent the $125 he said to me that i must register for an account on namecheap.com so i did, before i got back to tell him that im registered he appeared offline.

I went immediatly to my paypal and filed a claim, he said to paypal that i bought a donator pack for $128 but he gave me a discount for $125. Ok so the next day he comes to me and says he will give me all his mods he has got if i can end claim because his paypal was -$125. But unfortunatly i never kept screen shots of when he said he would sell for $125 and i lossed out, he could of won the claim but he never wanted to wait 2 weeks.

Anyways. Seeing this post is open, lets just see anthonys history log :lol:.

First game: nyc-thugs.com

Second game: forgotten.

Third game: forgotten.

Fourth game: forgottoen.

Fith game: www.gangstas-paradise.com got idea from www.gangst3rs-paradis3.com

Sixth game: www.criminalisland.com

Seventh Game: www.criminalcombat.com

Now just go look at www.gangstas-paradise.com initials are GP go on www.criminalisland.com and put in freports.php after the url, go on www.criminalcombat.com and put in freports.php after the url do you guys see how he is a fake?

So lets leave this topic open so who ever feels like it can post.

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