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hmmm topwebgames.com


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Just found an article about topwebgames.com

TopWebGames.com - Why bother?

I've been spending the past few days systematically going through the links at topwebgames.com, a site that a lot of web game owners beg you to go vote at so that their game will get more exposure. I have browsed through dozens of their entries and visited many, many of the sites they have listed and the experience was less than enjoyable.

First off, there appears to be no review process for games that have been entered into the database. Some of the "games" have been offline for years and some never even existed! Comments on game listings are unmoderated and it is left to the site visitors to report any dead/broken links. While community involvement is certainly nothing to be ashamed of, relying on the community to police ALL of your links is going a bit far. Players should be able to visit a site like this and find almost all links going to real, live games. Since TopWebGames.com is a site that charges for advertising and even offers the opportunity for "gold" listings, it is inexcusable that some form of hand or automated editing of entries is not performed.

In any given month, players visiting the site would be exposed to only a handful of games, and many months those games are the same games as previous months. This is because players "vote" on their favorite games and the games with the most votes get featured listings. This is how it is SUPPOSED to work. In reality players who have never even heard of TWG sign up for a new game and then are hassled by the game owner to go to TWG and vote. Many games offer players some sort of in-game incentive for voting!

So, unreliable, out of date listings and a broken, corrupt system of determining what games will be featured...doesn't sound like much about TWG is "top" at all. If you are looking for a good site to find out about web games, then topwebgames.com is a site to be avoided.

Posted by GameVoid in Web Games : News at 10:38

reference: http://www.webdreamland.com/

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Re: hmmm topwebgames.com

maybe we need to revamp ours and make it more about giving the players honest opinions then about owners plugging their games ....

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Re: hmmm topwebgames.com

Yes I agree with the TWG article. I used to own toprpgames.com and found the same problem. It's hard to control. I would say 95% of all the Top Web Game sites are alike and lack the content control. I'm sure a new way will emerge at some point. :)

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