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Need a custom mod made?


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Re: Need a custom mod made?

You should post more information than just 1 line.

Post how long have you been coding for.

Post what mods have you made befor.

Post what games you have owned befor.

Post what games you have coded for.

Post in what are you experianced.

As for now if some one is going to trust you on these forums it may well be your friend if you just posting 1 line.

They would go to some one who has made & sold many mods on here like isomerizer, and others.

So just posting 1 line wont help you.

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Re: Need a custom mod made?

wrong, someone like you would post that much. why? Because you'd charge money for your work.

Me on the other hand. Im doing this for free and no cost. So if anyone wants to pay to have it done thats fine too, but I'd try my luck with a guy willing to do it for free. I may not be able to do BIG jobs but if anyone needs a mod made, I'll most likely be able to do it.

So like I said in the post above. PM me what you need made and how much your willing to pay for it.

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Re: Need a custom mod made?


Its not that i dont want you here :lol: It's just that i like to prove my points and if that affects you then oh well.

ok someone please explain to these people that effect is way different than affect i mean since i have known people they say affect instead of effect which is normally wrong its annoying god get a fucking dictionary.

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