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Hospital Bill for V2


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include "globals.php";



die("You Can Not Pay Your Hospital Bill.");


$_GET['ID']=abs((int) $_GET['ID']);

$r=$db->fetch_row($db->query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE userid={$_GET['ID']}"));



die("Invalid user");




die("That user is not in the hospital!");




if($ir['money'] < $cost)


die("Sorry, you do not have enough money to Pay the Hospital Bill for {$r['username']}. You need \$$cf.");


print "You successfully paid {$r['username']} hospital bill \$$cf.

> Back";

$db->query("UPDATE users SET money=money-{$cost} WHERE userid=$userid");

$db->query("UPDATE users SET hospital=0 WHERE userid={$r['userid']}");

event_add($r['userid'], "{$ir['username']} payed your hospital bill.", $c);




I Just made a New mod for the Hospital called Hospital Bill much like Bail out of Jail make a area in Hospital for Actions i had to do that on my Game and make a Payge called hospitalbill.php if you have any problems let me know thanks

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