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Check this idiot out...


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Ben2, Spammed my users today with his epic of a failure site, this guys trying to re-sell mccodes rofl.

IP: <-- I'd suggest banning, before he spams your site.

Site Promoting: www.systmlive.com <-- Maybe Dambonstew or w/e his name is can do something about it.

Email: [email protected]

Just a heads up on this idiot....

Whois Information...

Domain name: SYSTMLIVE.COM

Administrative Contact:

Griffiths, Ben [email protected]

9 Broadway Gardens

Peterborough, NA PE1 4DU




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Re: Check this idiot out...

Nobody can do anything, Mccode has no protection. It might as well be open source, just Google it and help yourself!

Anyway, that site is truly dreadful :-o No-one in the right mind would buy something of a site which looked like that.

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Re: Check this idiot out...

His demos are beautiful... NOT

Gotta love how all accounts on all demo's are jailed lol.

He shoulda been smart and removed password change and jailing users from WORKING so that admin couldn't do it in the demo... that woulda been my simple solution... What an idiot.

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