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Joinable Organised Crimes


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This mod is simple - it let's/requires users to join OC's

when the pres/vp starts an oc, it doesn't start counting down until the minimum amount of users required for the OC to be done have joined it. This makes it so people have to be active for OC's to work (gives them more incentive to get on more ;D)

a few functions added to yourgang.php, a couple small edits in it as well.

then a few edits to cron_hour.php

and finally, one small table added to database

made for v2, but could be converted to v1 if desired.


(it's pretty straightforward, but in the event you would like to see it in action, mail me for a link.)


I will install it for you, free of charge. I will need two files from you (yourgang.php and your hourly cron used for gangOCs). I can give you the sql to run, or you can give me access to your cpanel and I'll do it for you (I would prefer just giving you the sql query to run, but whatever floats your boat)

If you have a heavily modded yourgang.php, this mod is probably not for you.

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Re: Joinable Organised Crimes

Actually... part of this mod I just finished adds the usernames of those who join to the crime itself. So it says like

"Seanybob snatched the boy, while Deception called his parents asking for dope"

or w/e it may be... it would be a simple thing to make them go to jail or hosp with that code already selecting the users

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