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DarkCurse Opensource Project - Darkthrone Community Remake


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Hey guys,
I use to be one of the developers on an old PHP project called ezRPG (here in the forums), but have recently taken up the task for a project called DarkCurse that was already abandoned by its original developer once. The project's aim was to be a recreation of the game Darkthrone.com which has shut its doors last year and was recreated in NodeJS. Since DC's abandonment, I've basically taken up the code as a fork and later a restart itself as a NextJS project and currently hoping to find anyone else that wants to help out in the Opensource project. 


The project is flowing along, we have about 30 community members who are old players of Darkthrone that have been helpful with testing, identifying missing features, and providing alot of guidance in reengineering the game from memory. Currently the last PvP aspect we're working on is the spy missions, and then its really just the P2P functionality like communication, alliances, profiles, etc.

If this is of interest to anyone, please feel free to reach out! If the project itself looks like something you can use, please fork away and reskin as needed! Hope to see something good come out of this in the space.

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