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Paid - Unique mod creation help


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I was hoping I could entice someone with an offer to help me make a new mod for my game. I am looking at it and I am going okay I can use what's already in Gang system to convert to this Village system. So, with that said and although still vague I really need some help but really to get me started to see if I can work out the rest to finish it off:

  • Just like a gang page where you're already part of the gang, I need players who on registration are part of a village (so its a membership like gangs where you would apply, accept and assign permissions but for this we don't need too) and have the code work out if you can View only the village description (the table is the same as a gangs setup so think of the gang description) for visiting villagers (players who travel location to location as being in a village this is what you get assigned) and if part of the village then view info, get mass messages, donate. At the moment if it can do those things that would be a great start as I want to add other things but for now as the game gets going we can them later.
  • We will need a boss and underboss control center - for mass message and mass payment of money and bullets - no need for banks as this system is to help players with these types of payments to get them going and upgrade the village defences (the level) added later.

I just need the code from the inc for now and I will try play with the tpl once this is up and running. 

If interested, I will send the files setup already with my notes and table structures. As this is paid, I'd need to be given an idea from you if you'd do it for $10 to help me get started. I do like learning this stuff but starting is my weakness and would really like this chop out. Please DM me on here or discord if its something you could help me with. 

Its now plus 30 minutes since I made the post so this is an update. I have made a good start now. So probably not as much needed as first thought. It might be that you assist me continue to build what I have done up until someone answers this call for help - who knows I may have surprised myself and got it done all on my lonesome and saved some $$ in the process 😂 Its another thing if what I have done actually works ..............................

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