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Along my studies of late, I have been rigorously poring over Python tutorials and syntax instructions, and I came to wondering if anyone has developed a game with Python that is apart of this forum? Python is as effective as PHP. It's popularity has been booming, while PHP has been dropping in it's popularity and it's ranking for Google searches as "php tutorials" versus "Python tutorials" has dropped immensely. 

So has anyone created a game with Python? Has anyone been thinking about it? Possibly the interweaving of the two?

If you respond would you mention: 1)what's your favorite website for learning code/languages, 2)have you used Python before and, if so, where is your work?

Thanks for checking it out, I have just been so interested in Python lately as I have been reviewing all kinds of programming languages. Mainly learning Java and Kotlin, but I am also staying focused on my server side scripting languages! I do plan on releasing a game at the end of this year, or beginning of next year. Possibly with Python, lol.

Kind regards, Matt

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I believe your claims to be incorrect, however this could be down to researching the wrong terms.

I say this because I fully expect "PHP tutorials" to yield a number that's not truly reflective of usage, however, consider these facts;

  • Almost 80% of websites rely on PHP to some extend, whether that's just a micro-service or an entire system.
  • Jetbrains did a survey in 2020 which concluded that 50% of developers use Laravel regularly, with 25% using Symfony.

With those numbers above, wouldn't it be far more logical to be searching "Laravel tutorials" or "Symfony tutorials" for respective numbers since users of the 2 main frameworks far exceed the ones working in raw PHP these days?

Then you have to except that a lot of development questions won't appear in google searches because we have, for example, Laracasts (Laravel tutorials / videos with dev forums etc), or the varying 10k+ member Laravel slack/discord channels.


Favourite websites to use for learning, given I write Laravel daily, would be Laracasts, CodeCourse or if I need something answering a little quicker, slack channel for Laravel.

As for building a game in Python, I have not, but I have a little experience (nothing vast) with writing it. I do know it's possible to build fully fledged websites by using frameworks, such as Django etc, though.

I know the above sounds like I'm slightly against Python, I'm not - I quite enjoy using it for automating some jobs etc as it's powerful and fast, however, I feel that's the place it fits in with my workflow - someone more interested in building more robust systems with it, like yourself, might enjoy it more than I in that capacity.

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21 hours ago, SRB said:

Favourite websites to use for learning, given I write Laravel daily, would be Laracasts, CodeCourse or if I need something answering a little quicker, slack channel for Laravel.

I have never worked with Laravel, honestly. I bought this PTC Lab 2.0 script off of CodeCanyon a while back to build a "Pay-to-Click"/affiliate marketing website that I never fully launched. Yet another project I aspire to once my education is more solidified and my skills more well-rounded and honed. And this script is completely written in Laravel and I really put it away because I had no knowledge of it. 

I appreciate your input, I really do. I sometimes have to make myself choose a language or a topic I want to study for a single day because my brain can be so scattered and wired so fast that it is hard for me to focus on one project at a time. I will be looking at this Laracasts and CodeCourse. I have always used W3schools of course, but I have been wanting to get into some websites that offer a more advanced and educational approach with their community base.

Kind regards, Matt

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Whichever project you have planned, which makes you the most excited to complete - pick that one, choose the best tool (language) for the job, and run with it.

The project your most enjoy is going to be the one that keeps your head focused to learn, and complete.

Good Luck. If you do choose Laravel, you also don't need to jump straight into paid products as there is enough free knowledge on youtube.


LaracastsOfficial has a lot of free laravel content, as well as basic PHP stuff too.

TraversyMedia and CodeWithDary have free content, although TraversyMedia  has longer videos generally, covering a wider topic, while CodeWithDary has a lot of small, bitesize bits which some people prefer as they tackle smaller bits of knowledge at a time.

Povilas @ LaravelDaily also produces a tonne of Laravel tutorial content.

Oh, and Taylor Otwell (Creator of Laravel) announced Laravel Bootcamp last night during the Laracon event, which is kind of a twitter clone tutorial, but gives you a bit of knowledge in a wide range of Laravel functionality whilst creating an actually application.


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