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Here are my forums that I have been working on. I have four slight issues with it however, if the community can help fix these issue or maybe even add-on and improve to it, everyone who uses MCCodes V2 will be able to use it. 

What's different about this forum? -

  • It uses JBBCode
  • Images added to make it look nice

Issues - 

  1. When viewing all topics duplicate topics show
  2. When moving, deleting post/topic it needs to update the  `forums_forums` table, field `ffLT`  with the last topic posted if no topic within that forum set it as 0
  3. When viewing all topics the table should be ordered in from last post I can't seem to do it correctly.
  4. Page numbers don't work as I don't know how to do it.



    $q = $db->query(
                    "SELECT  `ft`.`ftID`, `ft`.`ftFFID`, `ft`.`ftNAME`, `ft`.`ftVIEWS`, 
                    `ft`.`ftUSER`, `ft`.`ftTIME`, `ft`.`ftPINNED`, `ft`.`ftLOCK`, `fp`.`fpTIME`
                     FROM `forum_topics` `ft`
                     INNER JOIN `forum_posts` `fp`
                     ON `ft`.`ftID` = `fp`.`fpFTID`
                     WHERE `ft`.`ftFFID` = {$_GET['viewforum']}
                     AND `ft`.`ftDELETED` = 0
                     ORDER BY `ft`.`ftPINNED`, `fp`.`fpTIME`");

So this is the query I created. 


I want the forum topic to be ordered in the table by the last post which is in a different table. Am I going to the right direction?

Using the query above gives me duplicate entries

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