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how about such modules and edits?


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Hello guys

i wanna take your opinions about these modules and edits i have done lately 

1) shooting range, i thought it was important thing for the game so each player has to train for his weapon before buying the next one



2) A little edits for the kill , now it will choose 3 randomly online players to be Eyewitness and no one else will know about the killer! and now the killer can add a kill message , also every player can see his last 10 tried or shots he got!




check it live on :



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46 minutes ago, Canjucks said:

These definitely have a place in the game. I love your missions.

Missions are still not fully ready, I have to add some new missions for the new updates ,but it's really flexible 😉 

3 minutes ago, AlizHarb said:

Missions are still not fully ready, I have to add some new missions for the new updates ,but it's really flexible 😉 

I would have added the missions in marketplace but as for my version 1.2.0 you have to edit all modules to suit it

This how player will be sorted in leaderboards and also they can restore it after dying so no one will lose his progress! 



one more crime to make it more interesting, hacking banks , whatever crew bank or even a player bank


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the new updates for morning 

sabotage was added to the game , where people can explode each other territories and soon will be able to explode properties also!! and there is a new property called "sabotage school" , where the owner will earn a lot of money 😛





also i had added some new options for kill and hacking where player can hide his name to be unknown!!


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