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Player Referrals


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Player Referrals

Grow your game by allowing players to refer other players to your game while also giving them an incentive to do so.

Disclaimer: This only works on GLv2.4 since it uses the Handlebars library.

What can this do?

When a player refers another player to the game and that player plays the game, the referring player will receive a reward each time the referred player ranks up. The rewards are determined by the game owner. The same rank can have multiple rewards or a single reward, it's all up to you.

When the player ranks up, a notification is sent to the referring player stating they received rewards for they player they referred ranking up.

Players can see who they referred, what rewards they will receive, who referred who (on the player profile), and how many referrals they have in total.

Other module creators can create new rewards if they happen to create a user stat in their module. The user stat has to exist.

In order to add a stat to be available as a reward, you just have to run the hook "addPerkToList":

new hook("addPerkToList", function() {
  return [
    "name" => "US_someStat", // must exist in userStats table
    "value" => "Some Stat"

The "name" value must exist in the user stat table and the "value" value can be whatever you wish since this will show in the dropdown menu and in the reward list for players to see. I am only including this so that module creators can add this hook in their module if they have created a stat in the game. 


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