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WIP: Full Battle System


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This was one of my better creations for oRPG Creator and decided to apply the same concept to GL with an additional feature. It will go hand n hand with my item system released. 


The battle System will consist of the following main Modules for it all to come together.







Since it seems many games like the idea of multiple heros to collect or characters to collect, I decided to introduce this. 

All heros and NPCs will have the same stats. Name, image, Lvl, health, speed, defense, strength, hit points, magic. Heros & NPCs can be assigned attacks or spells while heros can purchase new attacks/spells. Maybe a new schooling system in the future for this as well.

Simple attacks can be created such as bite, punch, kick, slam, anything ECT that does not require the magic stat or multiple turns for any crested NPC/creature/hero.

Spells/magic attacks can be created that can last X amount of turns in battle that can heal, drain a stat, apply bonus damage or bonus reduction.

Then there will the thing that puts it all together, the Battle. As of now, I am planning on locking any character/hero from doing anything until there battle is finished. This is for PvE NPC battles.

Then off course there will be the PvP battles where challenges are issued. I don't like the idea of a GL PvP battles System as someone can avoid death by not finishing the battle unless time limits are set on a turn. To many options to add on this. Time limits, auto move. 


I am still undecided on if hero can be obtained threw battles or purchases only. I am also undecided on multiple characters in battle (maybe a V2 if enough support).


I am also undecided on if and how to properly add any additional GL bonuses to hero's such as crime successes due to how the crimes/theft/police chases are set up. Not able to alter data b4 messages being displayed.


A hero supposed to have extra %20 chance of successfully commiting crime. So he commits a crime but fails. Then hook is called, I can rerun the formula to add the %20 bonus. Hes successful. Error message is still going to be displayed and possibly jailed, but was successful. 🙂 Hence the reason I keep requesting changes in the hook data and placement.


But now that I think about it, overwritten the modules at question would just be much simpler. So in found my solution.


The creation of NPCs and Heros are already completed. But real Progress to be shown in the upcoming days.

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