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So I am working on my leader board and going nuts with adding different things so players can keep competitive. I have hit a stumbling as much as it looks good it still needs to work lol. So I have created my case tried to do a else if for it and yeah that's where it goes wrong with the correct order. 

switch (@$this->methodData->top10) {
                case 'rank': 
                    $order = 'US_exp'; 
                    $title = "Top 10 Players"; 
                    $order = '(US_money + US_bank)'; 
                    $title = "Top 10 Richest Players"; 
                case 'strength':
                    $order = 'US_strength';
                    $title = "Top 10 in Strength";
            $select = $this->db->selectAll("
                    INNER JOIN users ON (US_id = U_id) 
                    U_userLevel = 1 AND 
                    U_status != 0
                ORDER BY ".$order." DESC LIMIT 0, 10
            $i = 1;
            $users = array();
            foreach ($select as $row) {
                $u = new User($row['U_id']);

                if ($type == 'rank') {
                    $rank = $u->getRank()->R_name;
                } else if ($type == 'money') {
                    $rank = $u->getMoneyRank()->MR_desc;
                 else if ($type == 'strength') {
                    $rank = $u->getStrengthRank()->MR_desc;
                $users[] = array(
                    "number" => $i, 
                    "user" => $u->user, 
                    "id" => $row['U_id'], 
                    "rank" => $rank
            $this->html .= $this->page->buildElement('leaderboard', array(
                "title" => $title, 
                "users" => $users

So, my issue is at the for each where I get each rank position. For instance I know that getStrengthRank is incorrect so what would I use? 

Out of this, I thought "rank" => $rank would give me the stat on my tpl but shows up blank. How would I get it to work?

UPDATE: I worked out the issue I had with get strength so that part is all good. I'm still unsure what has happened to Rank

Fixed it!

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